S50 Challenge

11th February 2017

Each team must comprise of between 3 - 5 participants, all of whom must be members of The Scout Association or GirlGuiding UK.

There are THREE routes, 50 miles and 50km open to all and a 30km route for  Explorer Scouts only. The event is a test of good orienteering skills as well as physical ability and teamwork.

The route will not be disclosed until the day of the event. All teams therefore start with exactly the same chance of winning a trophy.

C20 Challenge

15th October 2016

The Chiltern 20 Challenge Hike is open to all members of The Scout Association who are in the Scout Troop Section born after 15th April 2002.

The Challenge is a test of physical ability as well as good orienteering.

The team composition is very flexible. Teams can comprise three, four or five Scouts with or without an accompanying Leader.

27th June 2016

Chiltern 20 Challenge - Entries Open This Weekend

Entries for the 2016 event will open at midnight on Friday 1st July 2016, you can enter here.

Please read all event details carefully, there are changes to the rules and kit list make sure that all team members read them and that your Scout Leader's read them as well.

The Chiltern 20 Essential Guide will be available soon to view and print.

21st February 2016

Southern 50 Challenge 2016 Event Video and Pictures

The Video and Pictures from this years event.

19th February 2016

Southern 50 Challenge - Results & Reports

The Results and Report for the 2016 Southern 50 Challenge are now available to view or download. 

Congratulations to all our competitors and a massive thank you to the team of helpers which without the event would never happen.

Reports, Photos and Video from the event will appear soon, check out our Facebook page for photos and comments on this years event from all of you. Relive the whole event as it happened on Twitter, with photos and tweets.

Scouts take part in biggest ever 24-hour hike

201st Islington Scouts leave counterparts behind

If you lost anything, check out the Lost Property. Foz's loft and garage will be very grateful, just send us a message.
30th January 2016

Southern 50 Challenge - Team Start Times

The Team Start Times are now available and have been sent out to all teams, the Joining and Walk instructions for the event are also available to view.

Please read all event details carefully, there are changes to the rules and kit list make sure that all your team members read them.

The routes in the Chilterns are still quite muddy as you would expect given the rain we have had. A piece of kit that you should consider is gaiters which are great for keeping the mud and water out of your boots.

Southern 50 Area Weather Forecast