Hints and Tips for a Successful Challenge

Training for the event should involve some map reading and walking. Ideally this should be in the countryside but if this is not possible try navigating around your HQ, local park and neighbourhood. If you do not train it does not mean that you will not finish but it might mean that you get lost and end up walking twice as far as everyone else. The County Mountaineering Team is offering navigation training – details will appear on the website.

  • Do not try breaking in new boots or shoes on the event. It will hurt - a lot.
  • Check all kit well before, when you enter would be a good idea.
  • It is a navigation exercise so it would help if all of the team could use a compass and understand a map
  • Try to send the entry form well before the closing date to avoid disappointment - the event is so popular that we are having to turn late team entries away.

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