Music Zone
We provide the docking station and you provide the music. How brilliant is this! Kust bring along your iPod with 15 minutes of planned music that you would like to share with other people and we will book you in to a time slot. All genres of music welcome. Then just stick around to hear what other oeople are listening to.
Film Zone
Ever popular - we will be showing yet another great selection of everybody's favorite films. Don't forget to bring your popcorn with you!
Gaming Zone
Another fantastic new idea for this year. We will provide consoles for Xbox, Playstation and Wii. You will need to bring your own controllers and games. Don’t forget the age rule on games and here comes the legal bit! We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of your controllers and games!
Craft Zone

Some nice traditional scout craft skills here. Ever wanted to make your own Turks Head or Bead Woggle? Perhaps you would like to make friendship bracelets for your team members or new friends made on the way.

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