50 mile, 50k, 30k - What do you choose?

It's up to you but here are some thoughts . . .

  • All of the challenges are difficult requiring endurance, navigation and above all team spirit, the shorter ones are not soft options.
  • The ideal distance should be the amount that your team can expect to complete in difficult terrain (50m within 20 hours, 50k within 15 hours, 30k within 10 hours). Faster teams will do it in about half the time of the slower ones.
  • The organisers may stop your team if weather conditions are bad or they think that it is unlikely that you will finish in a reasonable time for them.
  • Whilst it has been done, it is unlikely that a young team of Explorers will be able to complete 50 miles, 50k or 30k is more realistic, especially if they are not very experienced.
  • If your team has not entered before it is probably better to enter for a distance shorter than the one you originally thought about.
  • To succeed as a team, all your registered participants must finish. Injury and illness can occur before the day. Think about reserve members that could fill in at the last minute. How far could the reserve walk? Perhaps that should be your distance.

When you have decided - some more thoughts

  • Training for the 50 mile event should start about October and the other routes before the year end. If you do not train it does not mean that you will not finish but that parts of four bodies will hurt (they will anyway but less so if you prepare!)
  • Do not try breaking in new boots on the event. It will also hurt - a lot. 
  • Check all kit well before, when you enter would be a good idea.
  • The amount of kit can also cause pain. Sensible teams weigh it before hand.
  • It is a navigation exercise so it would help if all of the team could use a compass and understand a map.
  • Try to send the entry form before the closing date.

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